Beedles Lake Golf Club, East Goscote, Leicester

Beedles Lake is a beautiful tree lined 50 year old gravel pit with 40 comfortable pegs and excellent facilities. With an average depth of 6 feet Beedles is good sport in all seasons and open all year. Location is key to success.

Quality boilies are the favoured bait but corn, tiger, pellet, maize and maggot all work well. The many bays are productive in Spring and Summer and the margins should never be ignored.

There is a healthy Carp stock in the lake with 250+ fish to 34lbs, with 80+ fish over 20lb. The average fish weight being around 20lb. There are also good stocks of Pike, Perch, Bream, Tench and Roach. The Lake record weights are as follows:-

  • 35lb Mirror Carp
  • 28lb 8oz Common Carp
  • 26lb Pike
  • 10lb Bream
  • 10lb Tench
  • 2lb+ Roach and 2lb+ Perch.

The facilities include toilets and showers, bankside parking, restaurant and bar. Fresh water is available as is local Pizza delivery.

Contact Details

Beedles Lake Golf Club, 170 Broome Lane, East Goscote, Leicester, LE7 3WQ.
T: 01162 607086 ext2