Pendle Burnley & District Anglers Association

The club was founded In 1977 by  a group of anglers whom  got  together to form Pendle Anglers to promote the sport of angling at  all levels and provide opportunities for recreation and competitionc,  To assist members and participants in their various forms of  involvement in angling also they could join Burnley Centre which  was affiliated to the Northern Anglers Association to fish the canals  around Burnley

In the 1990’s Burnley Centre was disbanded due to the increase in  rent for the canals and the decline in membership.  Pendle Anglers  wanted to somehow keep the name of Burnley Centre going so the  Club had a meeting and after a long discussion it was agreed that  the new name of Pendle Anglers would now be called Pendle,  Burnley and District Anglers Association.

The club is based in the northwest of England and caters for all  pleasure, specimen and match anglers. The membership is open for  all ages from juniors through to Pensioners. The club controls 5 still  waters which are all filled with a good head of mixed coarse fish  with  Bream 6lb+, Pike 10lb+, Roach, Perch,  Tench, and specimen  carp  20lb+ also 4 stretches of the river Calder with Chub, Dace,  Grayling and  Trout.

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Pendle Burnley & District Anglers Association
26 Stansfield Street, Burnley, BB11 5DU

T: 07866 795212