Farlows Lake, Buckinghamshire

Farlows is the result of gravel extraction which begun as early as the 1930s and gradually saw the near 50 acre site assist in building the nearby M25. The venue as we know it today is a true specimen fishery with a rich abundance of natural food that has been the home of these originally stocked carp for well over 40 years.

While stocking records are hard to come by there is evidence of stockings from Donald Leney himself and various other Sutton, dink and Italian strains. The fish have grown to significant proportions and while the Carp have generally been the biggest attraction specimen Pike, Tench, Bream, Roach and Perch are fished for regularly. Farlows actually held the British Perch record of 5lb 14oz in 1953.

History is extremely important to Farlows and it has been written about by a number of Carp fishing greats including Steve Briggs and Rob Maylin, the lakes are described as one of the first Carp fishing meccas in the UK. Herons point is a well-known place in Carp Fishing circles and while the legendary stories of winter socials may be a thing of the past the stories and the Carp that reached over 30lbs in the 70s and 80s are still spoken of today.

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